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A modern take on Bauhaus, coffee set.

‘Ciri’ is a coffee/tea set including a pitcher, milk pitcher, sugar holder, and tray. It is designed to be both minimal and elegant, to be used in any household. The base is made from ceramic with metal accents, creating not only a pleasing aesthetic, but also a functional and durable product. The metal accents are available in a variety of colours and finishes. The main inspiration comes from the incredible coffee and tea sets that were designed by the Bauhaus school. 

For this project, inspiration was drawn from a variety of things. I wanted to create something elegant as well as minimal. I wanted to combine patterns found in both nature as well as existing design. The biggest importance is to understand the materials used, and to combine them in an interesting way. I strive to combine the fluidity and elegance of metal with the natural and warm feeling of ceramic. I want to take geometric shapes and patterns and create something completely new.

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