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A pepper grinder set for Chiarugi (Artex Design Contest).

In collaboration with Andrea Frongia.

"Incline"  is a new way to bring spices to the table ready to be milled when needed so as to preserve freshness and fragrance. The project in question was developed taking into account many guidelines concerning the aesthetic development of the product and very precious materials such as marble. The product remains elegant and simple; designed primarily for well-groomed restaurants as well as for home use. The product in question have been designed by the designers for Chiarugi, which has always been working with restaurants and hotels. The intention was to create a unique piece of design to be brought on the tables of the best restaurants in Europe and also worldwide. What makes the design Interesting is the combination of a classic material with a contemporary design form.

The main inspiration for this project is from the tower of Pisa. It is important to keep the architecture and image of Tuscany in mind for this company and project.

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