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A side table inspired by La Palma.

‘Insieme’ is an idea based off of the idea of a growing trend, as well as La Palma’s work ethics. They have been working hard as a company to show new and interesting designs, which is why I decided to design a side table that has more than one function. The form of the table, especially the legs, is drawn from looking and the shapes and the flow of other La Palma products. They tend to be very clean and straight, so I incorporated this idea into my design. ‘Insieme’ is available in many different colour and material combonations. Different types of wood as well as different coloured metal. 

‘Insieme is made from fully sustainable materials, as is the La Palma way. The posder coated metal is made from a TGCI - free polyester powder coating, with excellent resistance. The wood is made with an acrylic self sealer, which give the look a more natural aspect. The wood is also
very resistant to liquids, scratches, and yellowing. The porcelain insert is easily taken out and interchanged with other colours if so desired.

The small ridges that are pressed on the inside of the table are not only there for show, but for function as well. If you place something on the table, such as a lamp, or some pencils, or a book, the objects stay on the table more effectively.

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