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Ludoteca (Child Centre) indoor and outdoor design.

This project is a 'ludoteca'; a space for children to come and play freely. It is a place of pure creative liberty and an area where young kids can learn how to express themselves in multiple ways. The area must be designed in a playfully engaging way; inpiring children to use their imagination and play as they wish. The design takes inspiration from Disney's classic Fantasia 2000, the designer's idea of a pure form of fantasy and imagination. The beauty, shapes and forms are used in a way to engage the children to be inspired by their enivoronment, using all of their senses while doing so. There is also an outside area as well as a reception for parents, planned in a way the children are watched and kept safe at all times. The playful Disney inspired design mixed with natural materials creates an organic but spirited space. 

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The aim of the interior is to create a beautiful and fantastical space for the kids. It needs to reflect the feel and emotions driven from Fantasia 2000. There are different themes in the film, and the space must flow like these stages and reflect the importance behind each stage. There must be space for different kinds of play, as well as an outdoor area and a waiting area for the parents. It needs to have a comfortable yet dynamic atmosphere to both inspire and encourage the children to engage in activities and play. The whole space needs to encourage the ability to move around and go from space to space with ease. The colours are also very important, going from warm to cool colours, depending on the function of the space.

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