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An outdoor exhibition and booth design.

This project is for the Mare Da Mare at Fortezza da Basso in Florence. Maredamare is a fair for beachwear ‘which, in a few years, has been able to assert its own stable identity as unique and exclusive Italian beachwear, accessories and underwear trade fair by boasting the highest number worldwide of major Italian as well foreign exhibitors.’ The aim is to design an outdoor seating area for the event, as well as a booth for Accademia Italiana on the inside. The outside must have a large seating area for people to talk and relax, as well as tables and lighting. The inside booth must follow the design of the outside while showcasing the designs of Accademia Italiana. The theme is related to beachwear, so the style follows this idea. In the design, I wanted to bring the feeling of being at the beach into the fair, so many natural materials, and rustic items are used to make this a reality.

The budget for the project is limited, so many of the furniture is done in a DIY style. Ropes, shells, and wood are used as accents and building materials. Fairy lights and glass are also used to give the design a more ‘warm’ atmosphere. The colours and the furniture combined gives the feeling that you are on a beach.

This concept was chosen by Maredamare as the winning design. Below are some of the photos taken after construction.

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