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A colourful and contemporary pendant lamp.

‘Nuance’ is an acrylic glass pendant lamp design based off of a vase collection by HATTERN. The idea was to design something completely different to the usual style of the designer, and play with bright and bold colour. The light itself is very important, asit provides the opportunity to create a whole new atmosphere based on colour. The lamps come in a variety of different colours, with a frosted and clear glass gradient. The light is meant to emit a soft coloured light that can change the mood of any room and can be used in many settings.

The more important part of this project comes from the experimentation with light and colour. The primary inspiration comes from the type of atmosphere and design that can be created with these ideas. The prism and frosted glass creates a very interesting effect that I would like to include in my design. The pattern of frost on a bubble shows an example of this effect occurring in nature as well. This creates a gradient not only with texture, but with colour.

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