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A coffee table inspired by Calligaris.

'Piani' was inspired by a number of things. First and foremost I drew my original inspiration from an existing coffee table by Calligaris and expanded on the idea. This coffee table, ‘Tweet,’ has a very distinct shape, with two levels. I took the idea of ‘levels’ or ‘steps’ and turned to this idea, but in nature. From this I started designing based off of tiered waterfalls that are found all over the world. I love the fluidity of the water and the stone, merging into a natural staircase. I wanted to bring this fluidity into my design. Calligaris promotes change and enjoys harmonizing different styles, so I decided to take a more Scandinavian approach to my design. Taking the form of the original coffee table, and reinventing it with my natural inspiration, I played with the idea of a sinuous shape while retaining the feel of the brand. 

‘Piani’ is named as such because of the different levels that are present. The idea of having a different leveled coffee table appealed to me for a number of different reasons. For one, it creates more areas to store and place things on. It is possible to leave magazines or books in the lower area, while placing other objects on the upper surfaces.
It also creates an appealing effect to look at, while staying true to my inspiration, and the company. 


The shape of the coffee table is meant to remind you of a waterfall in the forest. The top level is shaped very much like a leaf, whereas the level below curves down like a flowing waterfall. 

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