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Shoe shop and workshop design.

This project is intended to accompany the shoe atelier in Florence, Italy. It is meant to compliment the shop design both in form and function. The idea is to exhibit both shoes and shoemaking in the piazza, while retaining a strong focus on human movement and interaction. The space needs to flow with the human traffic, yet create interest as well as a positive feeling towards the space. It must be easy to navigate and safe for all ages. The pavement creates a dynamic foundation for perceiving the space, and embraces the lighting and furniture. People visiting the square are encouraged to find the information point, socialize, observe, sit comfortably, and pass by with ease. The idea is to create a seemingly simple space with emphasis on the elements inside it (such as the outdoor poufs that spin and light up at night).

The inspiration for the piazza comes from a blend of natural and man made themes. Curvilinear forms already present in wood, as well as modern architecture, can be combined to create a fusion of both. This is also taken into consideration for the exhibition area of the design. The clean man made lines contrasting with the rugged organic ones balance the space. The theme is founded in Futurism, which celebrates movement and dynamism rooted in the core of the manifesto. The entire design flows in and out, conscious if the ergonomics of the piazza. However, the design must retain some of what Tuscany is so well known for; rustic charm. This combination of ideas is used to create something new and contemporary. The clean cut between light and dark values also served as an inspiration, especially in the main design of the square.

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