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Shoe shop and workshop design.

The objective of this project was to transform a public space into a shoe atelier designed for a classic cobbler in Italy. It was created to be a fusion of fashion and craftsmanship. The space is located just off Piazza Gaetano Salvemini in Florence, Italy. The project required the inclusion of the outside square, or piazza, to encourage a connection between the interior and exterior. The inspiration was drawn from a blend of Futurism, the traditional tools and trade of a cobbler, and Tuscan culture. The design incorporates the dynamism and movement of Futurism to create a flow and flurry of shapes leading through the space. The traditional stone and wood materials emulate the rustic feeling of Tuscany, while remaining contemporary and relevant in today’s market. There is also an area reserved specifically for the cobbler to work, adding interest to not only the shoes, but the process of making them.

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The concept for the shoe atelier is predominantly based on the shapes and movement found in nature. The curves and contrasts present in these organic forms have served as a base point for the design, which goes hand in hand with the movement and dynamic concepts of the Futurists. This ebb and flow seen in both nature and man-made design is something that, if harnessed, can create a pleasing and elegant effect. The contrast of the materials is often seen in today's design, but to keep the tradition of Tuscany and mix it with something contemporary is the end goal. It is a balance between light and dark, contemporary and rustic, and the atmosphere should feel as such.

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