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A cozy studio apartment design concept.

This project is born from the idea of a ‘self portrait’ and expresses my own personal feelings and tastes in design. The idea is to take a classroom space and make it into a studio apartment, without modifying the walls or upstairs, except to build stairs to reach the upstairs area. Although the space is not very big, I found a way to keep the area spacious, while fulfilling the basic necessities. The ‘self portrait’ idea is there to really challenge the way that we view our own style, and what it means to make a space that is completely free to interpretation. In this case, I chose to combine both modern Scandinavian design with the older style from the 60s or 70s to create something completely new.

The aim of this project is to create a space that reflects who I am as a person into the design. It reflects both my design style and also the way that I like to live. I used the Scandinavian style because I feel the most passionate about it. Adding a lot of small decorative elements into my design was very important as it is in the small things that can really make a space more personal. One example, is the desire to incorporate my own design for the floor tiles.

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