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A modern and elegant side table set.

‘V’ is a set of two side tables with a design that mirrors the name. These tables are made for any living room or bedroom setting and look elegant in a multitude of styles. The top is made completely of glass, whereas the support is made from differently coloured steel, with a marble base. I like the combination of the light glass with something heavy like stone and metal. The combination of the design and materials used result in a simple yet elegant set of tables. 

In contrast to many of my other designs, I decided to go a little bit more modern and draw inspiration from geometry and clear cut designs for this table. The combination of transparency with the opaque intrigued me, as well as the thought of playing around with geometry. The straight, minimalistic style is becoming more and more popular and I wanted to try to emulate some of that, I also drew inspiration from the dark colours mixed with the light to create a contrast.

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